I just picked up a property through tax foreclosure sale and I need to send the owner notificaiton of the action…Can’t seem to find anything like this on the web…any idea where I might find such correspondence???


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Are the previous owners still living in the house?

You might try the classifieds in the newspaper - legal notices section. Maybe there will be something close to what you want there. Most newspapers now have online classifieds that you can search.

we are in the process of determining whether anyone lives there…Nothing but junk present when we peered in though a broken window…

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if you think it abandon then probably you just need to post an official notice of your intent to enter and take possession. How to exactly do this should be covered in your state’s landlord/tenants laws. The waiting period could be as little as 24hrs.

I agree. Since you are now the owner, you are the landlord. So all it takes is a XX hrs notice to enter. Check if the electricity is working, water, gas, etc. If they are not, chances are they left? If they did leave, you can place all the belongings in some storage. Then place an ad in the newspaper for auctioning it off. THIS ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR STATE! CHECK YOUR STATE LAWS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING. OR CALL YOUR LOCAL LANDLORD ATTORNEY.

thanks for the comments…this is in Texas…I will pursue it vigorusly…
thanks again for your comments…

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