Letters to Investors

Hey guys it’s my first time posting on here but I need a little help. I am starting my mailing list campaign to investors that have recently bought homes at auctions, within the last years. I am needing to build my buyers list and I was needing some help putting this letter together. Anyone have any ideas or a draft of a really good letter that you won’t mind me using. I am very bad at coming up with good things to say :banghead.If you can help me I would appricaite it very much

Thank You

Welcome to the board Alex

I would love to help…

Post what you have and let me have a go at it…


Dear (Name of Investor here)

My name is Alex Boonphaya, I am Co-Owner and founder of AAI Investment Group, LLC. I see you recently bought an investment property in the (Investment area) not to long ago. I to am a local investor within your area, I have a few properties that you could add to your profolio located within your area, that I can offer to you for 50-60% below value. If you are intrested please contact me as soon as possible and I will be able to discuss with you in full detail on what I have to offer, I think it would be in your best intrest to aquire as many properties as you can right now since the market is still low and can take on some of these very profitable properties.

best Regards

Alex Boonphaya

This is this is the letter I came up with to me it still sounds really bad, but honestly that is the best I came up with

Hello again…

Why are you selling property at 50% of value?

Did you hit your head too hard on that wall? lol


That wall realy hurts I thought I was a black belt but I thought wrongs huh???

Anyways I am selling 50% value for as-is property no repairs or rehab done at all

I am dumber then dirt sorry…

Lets assume that todays value “As Is” is 50k and if you invest 25K it will be worth 100K how much are you selling it for?

Depends on how much I bought it for and which market I am selling it to…give or take lets say I bought it for 30k and put 25k into repairs. I would mostly likly try to sell it for 30…sorry am dunk lol, ok really I would probably sell it to an investor for a quick sale at 70-75k but if I were selling to a retail homeowner I would sell it for 90k

This is all based on what little info you gave me…How did I do did I pass my pop quiz for the day :bobble

Investing isnt a quiz…

BTW I already know how to this…

So what part of the resell numbers represent 50%. If you would like help you need to be more straight forward and not allover the board…


I’m having a little hard time understanding your question, but from what I do understand,
If the home is worth 100k after all repairs and is if were to sell it for 50 or 60k that would be my representation of the 50% give or take a little less or more.

But my intentions were not repairing the property, if I were to repair the property I would not state that I am selling the homes for 50-60% below value I would state in my letters for 25-30% below value

then you are not selling it for 50% of value… youre selling it for 100% of value… According to my numbers… In that case you need to be buying it for a far lower amount. I think if youre paying in this example more the 25k then something is wrong… Investors deal with ARV way too much.

With that said and assuming you can put it under contract for 25k or less then list it in the MLS and flip that bad boy… Your costs are 8.25% which represents a near 20k profit.

However here is a letter that may help you…

Hi Sellers First Name,

Hello. I noticed you have a rental at Property Address and was wondering; is it time to sell or buy another? I am an investor, just like you, and am constantly looking for more property to purchase and currently I have a very under valued property at 123 Any Street which I am unloading for (X) value.

I find that many times people with rentals either want to do one of two things…

• Sell their properties or
• Want to purchase more units.

If either one of these apply to you please call me so I can introduce myself.

One last thing, I buy property vacant, occupied, even ugly and in need of repairs… And I have the funds to act fast…

Save yourself further headaches that go along with locating a GREAT rental or selling an unwanted rental with a simple phone call to me. Call me right now and I’ll show you how easy it will be. – Telephone Number.

I Sincerely Hope to Hear From You,
God Bless,

Real estate Professional Name
Telephone Number

Thank you that was very help and your letter looked great.

Talkin about your subject here, recently I just bought a homes about 2 month ago and I have one under contract right now. 1 of the homes I bought was for 12k I was plan on selling it as is for 25k the comps are running somewere between 67-70k in that area but it needs about 15-18k in work, been having a really hard time pushing it, im not sure why. That is the reason I why I was asking for help to create my letter so I can hopefully find some strong investors out there to purchase this home.