LETTERS THAT WORK when getting 1000 mailers???

I have a few options lined up but only from gettin phone numbers i am trying to figure out a way to get more phone numbers becasue most of the numbers i’m getting are disconnects? any advice? also i would think mailer are more efficiant i’m sure you reach alot more people but i’m sure everyone is reaching the same person. SO how do you make your mailer stand how and how do i get someone to respond to my mail instead of someone elses?
any ideas would be awsome
thanks Tommy

How can you personalize it more to the reader?

I can’t tell you what to say, because I don’t know.

But to get your letter to stand out in the crowd, provide them with the answers of solutions to their problems on a very personal note.

Maybe by sending it to them hand addressed? make it personal,
maybe a sympathy card about their situation, with your business card inside it?

You’ver got to make it look like you took more time and effort into choosing them to send a card to, than a computer generated form letter, or a flyer, that is not personal enough.

Just my 2 cents worth…

Good Luck!


I agree, personal touches are key. I use a handwritten blank envelope and that has worked really well. It takes a while to fill them out but trust me it is well worth the time.

Letters that put dollars in the bank!

To make my letters stand out I:
Put them in handwritten envelopes
Personalize the letter as much as possible
Compliment my client to build repore
Always lay out a clear intention
Write with short, clear, easy to understand paragraphs
Include a P.S. → People always read these!

I hope this helps!