Letters return as 'Temporarily Away'.....

I’ve been getting some returned letters that are marked “Temporarily Away”… Does anyone know whether there is a way for the letter to be left in the mailbox of the recipient rather than being returned to the sender? Currently I put “Return Service Requested” on the envelope…
ANY suggestions is deeply appreciated… :rolleyes

That generally means the mail has been building up at that property. More than likely because it has been abandoned. More often than not, abandon properties means the homeowner has given up and want to pretend it will all go away if they ignore it. Otherwise they would be collecting the mail, in which case the post office would not classify their property as “Temp Away”

Keep looking!

GooD Luck! :beer

I would like to say that this residence is just maybe on a trip and having their mail held temporarily, but if that were the case, you wouldn’t be receiving it back. Perhaps you could call your local postal company and inquire about the address?