Letters or postcards?

Hi All.
I have received good advise and info from this site.
Thank you all for taking time to reply to me with great advise.

Like many people here, I have sent mails to preforeclosure owners. 100 letters and 3 replies… I guess not bad. When I mentioned the letters which is 3 pages long, I was told postcards are better than letters.

Postcards which is simple, easy to read and get to the point something like “WE BUY HOUSES” “all cash” “Stop foreclosure” etc…

I am not telling that letters are not good idea (let’s say tenant lives the house and received the postcards said “we will stop foreclosure”, needless to say, the owner doesn’t tenant know his/her house is in foreclosure).

Does anyone tried both letters and postcards? If so would you tell me which one worked better. Roger told me postcards worked better.

I just would like to know some information before order postcards…

Thank you!

Hi Amanda,

In referece to your question about post cards, my experience is they get read because it’s already open
so to speak.

I would start off and list the benifits to your customer with bullets.

Maybe A Headline Like:
5 Reason Why It’s Not To Late To Save Your Credit.

Then say, you will recieve a detailed report from my company tomorrow giving you clear options to help you.

Next day should arrive your 2 page letter but DON’T give them all the details. Mainly features and benifits to your 5 options.

Then at the end, call me for a private consultation. Times open Thursday are Blank or Blank…Friday I’m booked all day except for 9-10 am. or my luch hour from 12-1.

Now, be sure and ask questions that he will have to give full answers to…like how did your problems all start? How does your wife feel about this situation? Could all of us meet on Saturday so I can explain your options and what I can do for you?

If he doesn’t call, I’d call and introduce my self and ask how can I help you today? or some such question to get him talking.

John Young

Thank you John.

In referece to your question about post cards, my experience is they get read because it’s already open
so to speak.

Maybe this is the point. When we send out mails, we know most of won’t be read. In order to get attention, postcards are better because it’s already open and difficult to through out with out looking.

I have sent letters to preforeclosure owners. Maybe I should use this letter as a second letter.

Thank you for your info!


Being that you’ve receive 3 replys out of 100 letters, that’s a good response rate, the national statistics state that mailers should only expect a .002% that’s 2/1000ths, so 2 responses out of 1000 mailings.

Now, being that you’ve got a target market, 3 relys is still very good. So you are doing something right, your letter must adress their issues, and cause them to act.

Now, for a possible better response, “hand address” the envelopes, it shows a personal touch, and maybe tweak the letter a little a resend it. You must send the letter or piece of mail out every 21 days to capture their attention, and after the third mailing, you will receive more and more responses, because you’ve established your seriousness about attempting to solve their problems, so you need to have at a minimum 3 letters or mailers to send to your target market.

Maybe your first mailing be a letter

2nd - a post card reminder

3rd - another letter explaining the sense of urgency

4th - Wishing them luck with their future credit issues that will come of a foreclosure, and maybe some pointers on the length of time, or the steps involved to fix their credit.

Become their correspondense “friend” trying to provide help, and assistance through this unfortunate tie in their lives…

Good Luck!


Handwritten blank envelopes with a letter I found out works amazing.

Handwritten addresses work really well. I have even done handwritten letters to all the vacant houses on my list. 3 of these along with a postcard inside of 60 days has gotten me well over 50% response rate. Now you can’t do this for large lists in any practical manner but it works well for targeting small amounts.

As for letters or postcards… It all depends on your goal. Reach Vs. Volume. If you want to target a large area, this is reach. If you are targeting a group multiple times, this is volume. If you are doing volume always follow up your postcard with a letter.