letters and forms

I’m just starting out in the business and I need some help. Does anyone out there have a copy of a letter that you would send to a vacant property owner and one to send to pre-foreclosure owner that they could share with me? Also, if anybody has an assignment contract I’d really appreciate if you could let me take a look at that too. Any info would help a lot.

Thank you so much for any help you can give.



My opinion on the letters:

Personally, I think the letters you send out should convey your own voice, not anything canned.

Your letters should be

  1. professional
  2. eye catching- do something to make your envelopes look different from the other investors that will surely contact them
  3. positive, but should create a sense of urgency ( mentioning the auction date is a good idea)

Create a spreadsheet that shows your success with each letter sent and make adjustments to see what works the best.