Letter Writing...

Anyone have a good “Send me referals” letter to send to past clients?

Any feedback would be a appreciated!

I don’t have a letter per se but I would stay in touch with each prospect/lead at least 4xs a year. The best way to do this is two-fold; gather their birthdate and gather their referrals at closing.

You can send them a birthday card and say something in the effect of ‘Happy Birthday Day… my business is based on referrals and… I would love to provide benefits for your friends, family, associates.’ Another way is to ask for a list of at least 5 referrals before you leave a friend/family/associate/client’s home.

Remember to use the FORD [Friends, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams] method to flow with a rapport. Try calling at least 5 people a day in your “Power Hour” and cover those topics and see how great of a feeling it is that they don’t want to hang-up :slight_smile:

I do have them on the agent for life. Maybe what I meant was a testimonial letter? How do I go about asking for a testimonial and make sure what I get back I can use.

Simply ask them. Let them know that you are giving them great service and pricing and in return… you would like a testimonial letter.

Hope that Helps,