Letter to owners

Does anyone have a basic letter they send to owners when wanting to purchase their property for a waholesale deal. if so would you be so kind to share it. Thanks.

Good Evening Islander,

The best response I received was from a hand written note, not a letter, that went something like this;

Hi (name of owner)
I am a local investor interested in purchasing a few more homes this year, if you would like to talk about the possibility of selling your home please let me know.

Sign your name
Your phone number

I have found people are generally burnt out on professional looking letters with lots of hype and information, I have found keeping it simple, personal and to the point is best.

With that said, my response to this has been around 10% - 15% which from what I hear is a pretty good response percentage. However…calling the people has given me a return of almost 70%, getting in front of more homeowners for me has equaled more deals.

Go Get’em!
Ray Rochefort, mgr. mem.
Purpose Investments LLC