Letter to "For Rent" Owners


I’ve found access online to the public records (taxes) of the county where I live. I’ve been able to identify a LOT of owners that are currently advertising rental properties, or that have rental properties. I would like to send them a letter or flyer to try to convince them that they should contact me to discuss possible lease optioning or selling with owner financing. What would you guys include in the letter to get the most attention and curiosity?

Thanks in advance.

You could try a bait and switch.

“I want to buy your house all cash. I can close in 10 days”

Of course cash is if the discount is to 60%. Since they won’t you can make them feel the pain of being a landlord them explain how you can help.

Thank you for the advise. I think I will also try to push them on owner financing and how much it can help them, if their desire is to have a passive income every month.

If you contact the owner of rental property, how do you think you’ll convince them to give up the life of being a landlord, to holding a mortgage note?

As a landlord, I do it because I can, and because I’m building equity every month, with the help of my tenants, my tenant is paying for MY house, and when it’s paid for… It’s mine, not their’s, convince me on how you can improve my life…

When I get tired of the landlord gig, then I guess I’ll sell them to the highest bidder, so another investor can do the same thing I did.

Good Luck!



You are doing it by choice - many others out there are not i.e. bought a second home and couldn’t sell 1’st for 1 reason or another. They want to be done and move on and not deal with renters. The poster shouldn’t waste his time trying to convince you - you are not one of the Landlords he/she would be targeting. Not everyone wants to play Landlord.


Point taken, but why were you trying to convince me???

I think in another post, I was explaining to someone, if you want to connect with the landlords to make your name known. And of course to provide them with solutions to their problems.

Make friends with your local title company, they can conduct a search for N/O/O properties and provide you with that data, a mailing list. Or you can also get it from the county tax appraisal district/clerk. But if you cinvince the title company that they’re your new best friend and you’ll be closing your deal through them they can pull this data for you.

Remember you can only push for an owner financing deal if they own it free and clear of all mortgages.

You could do a lease purchase, or subject 2, or a contract for deed, and none of those are considered a sale, and don’t trigger the due on sale clause.

Good Luck All!

Owner Financing synonimous with seller financing simply means the seller provides the financing for the buyer - The Property does not have to be free & clear!

Lease Option, Sub 2, CFD may not trigger the DOS but are certainly a violation of the DOS. To violate the DOS at the minimum level only requires a TRANSFER of interest.


OK, now I guess I’m not from where you are, but besides an REO, owner finance deal, explain how Mr & Mrs. John Smith can provide owner financing on the sale of their property with a primary, and possibly a 2nd mortgage on their primary residence?

I’m only familiar with doing this on free and clear properties, or making offer on a bank owned property.

I’m only asking for you to enlighten everyone who reads this, so WE can all learn something.

Remember knowledge is power, and I wish to become more powerful.



Simple - every one who lease/Options, Lease/Purchases; or subSub 2’s, provides wraps, etc. to their buyer is providing the financing for their buyers whether there is a loan on the property or whether it is free and clear. The seller is simply providing the financing mechanism for their buyer who can’t get a loan.

example: Mr Jones has a house worth $100K and has a mortgage for $50K on it. If he moves and sells his house on a lease/option - he is financing that house for the buyer. He still holds the deed, his loan is still in place, and the buyer is in his house. If this isn’t owner financing then WHO did the financing for the buyer to acquire the house?

Hope this helps.


In its most purest form you are correct in stating that free and clear properties sold to a buyer on terms is owner financed. In the general form like so many other things it is not. For example the phrase “cat got your tongue” the cat really doesn’t have your tongue but it is another meaning for “not talking”

So in my opinion, everyone I know considers the methods I mentioned above to be a form of owner/seller financing. The owner/seller has provided a means (his financing of the property) for the buyer to acquire the home without the buyer obtaining their own financing. By using the owner/seller financing which is already in place allows the buyer to purchase the home. Thus it is owner/seller financed.

Hope this clears things up



Thanks for the clarificaton, you were using owner financing as a genral term, and not a specific term. Since the owner financing, was only providing a solution to the buyer, didn’t mean that the seller has transferred title.

In my small little world, owner financing, means that the owner will carry a mortgage note back at closing, and that title does transfer to the buyer, and the seller walks away with a note in hand. If the primary is not paid off, it would trigger the DOS clause in the mortgage.

And that is the way the contract specifies it. So, using other means of getting a buyer into the property, yes I guess one could advertise it as owner financing or lease to own, but the legal forms used would specify different terms on each.

I try to offer my advice as clear and specific as I can, so others know specifically what I’m referring to. All of us investors are trying to learn as much as we can from other’s inputs.

But thank you for clarifying what you were referring to for us. Now I understand more than what I did before!

Thank Again!


No Problem, I learn something here everday and hope to continue to do so. I am by no means an expert and the day I stop learning here - you won’t see me any more…
I expect to be here a long long time…LOL.

Best of Luck to ya.