letter that gets homeowners to call

[color=blue][color=teal]I am looking for a letter to send to homeowners in foreclosure that will get them to call me to buy their property. Does anyone have a GREAT letter? :help[color=black]

Hands down the best of the best is the old realtors tried and true:

“I have buyers.”

In my experience it’s ten times better than saying YOU will pay cash because when they know you’re the one doing the dealing it immediately puts up their guard. But when you’re working FOR them (for FREE no less!) it’s a whole different story.

Just started doing something like this on Craigslist through a new flex option program I’m trying to utilize

I’m advertising that I will sell people’s homes for free…I think I’ll try to “I have buyers, I need sellers” approach!
Thanks for helping to turn the marketing lightbulb on!

Use postcards much better because everyone looks at postcards I do. Before I toss if I need it or think i will I keep it. If not trash, if you’re targeting the right list you’ll get your replies.

I was thinking something oversized. I only say that since the home owner will receving a ton of other letterd from many investors doing the same thing

I prefer post cards.

Just like THR2008 said, you don’t have to get them to open the envelope which is the hardest part of direct mail. They will read the postcard and make a quick decision, keep it and call or throw away.