Lets send some mail!

Well I have purchased 3,400 leads and now I’m ready to print some yellow letters and get to mailing… I’m thinking about printing the letters in a custom handwriting font (found some for like $10) and then handwriting the envelopes. Maybe send them off in 2 waves and repeat this list monthly.

Its almost $1,500 to have them printed, and am I the only one that thinks its worth it to do it myself? That’s a lot of money and I figure I can do it myself for a fraction of that. And it’d be quicker if I printed the envelopes too, but I figure that’ll keep a few people from even opening it.

Why is printing them so expensive? lol :banghead

At letterprinting.net you could get them printed, postage, and sent for around .60 per letter. That’s who I use.

I use a mailing service called MBI that charges $0.44/letter.

They’re local to Central Florida.

I saw their truck when I was trying to do everything myself at the bulk mailing center.

Decided to send postcards… 1,650 postcards being mailed out on the 15th and then I’m doing the rest of this list in 2 weeks. Then just keep hitting them so that every house gets one postcard a month… :beer