Let us not forget the hard lesson from Batman begins

The other day I was watching batman begins, I finally get it!

The scene where Bruce Wayne turns on the League of Shadows and its leader Ra’s al Ghul, after they spent all that effort training him, was actually a valuable lessons for us!

What did the league of shadow do wrong? They didn’t screen their prospect! They didn’t make sure Bruce Wayne shared their value before invest all that effort training him, and in the end it backfired! Cost them dearly.

So let us never make the same mistake, screen our prospect before spend hours working on the deal!!

Very clever analogy. Screening prospects takes times and new investors do not want to take the time. They need to. Criminal checks are more important to us than financial checks even though their financial history is very important. To us, their credit score is not such a big deal. I know very few people who are investors who have perfect credit.