Lenders with< 6 month seasoning non-owner investor products

Here in Illinois, due to a lot of straw buyer/mortgage fraud deals, lenders have been scrutinizing flipps more and more and either chopping down appraisals to be equal to original purchase price + 100% of rehab reciepts, or chopping the appraisal so low that it ends up less than original price + repairs… This is causing a lot more deals to be delayed, cancelled, and tons of potential legitimate investors (660+ credit) to purchase lesser quality homes w/ over 12 month seasoning as oppossed to buying recent rehabs with everything from new electric and furnaces, to roofs and windows…Has anyone had success lately with lenders who do either 0 or 5% down, non owner occ, full or stated loans on property with typically less than 90 day seasoning? Some of these rehabs that investors I know have had to pass on, have been some of the best rehabs I’ve seen and ready for section 8 to pay top dollar on…Any help is appreciated bc this bottleneck is a drag