Lenders with 100% CLTV allowance

I am looking for a private lender that will allow a seller carryback to 100% CLTV on residential property. Do any of you have any recommendations?

I would suggest you take an ambien and go climb in bed because the only place you will find 100% CLTV on a seller carryback is in your dreams. Seriously.

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Try 70% CLTV and then you will be smok’n. Any more, no deal. Best wishes.

With bank or institutional funding they are correct. With private funding anything is possible. Private funding will depend on the deal itself and the lenders faith in you as an investor that produces profits. Show a private lender that and you can get what you ask for. You will need to build those relationships to get to that point.


Nobody mentioned seller financing. But even with that you would be considered God-like.

Is it residential or commercial?

With residential many lenders will allow a seller carry to 100% with an 80% 1st. With commercial you need 65-70% to get to 100% CLTV and most will cap the loan amount at $500k. Depends on the deal.