Lenders who deal with LLC's

Anyone have any contact information on Quality lenders who don’t have a problem lending to LLC’s?
Also, Looking for info on building business credit without using a personal guarantee on a regular basis. Anyone using a business credit line to buy a property? work out well?
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check out www.creditboards.com they have a whole section on this subject.

most commercial banks will offer lines of credits to corps open only one day.
They used to give out just under $100k, but most wil cap out at $25k now for corps in business less than 1.5 years. They use your personal credit score to qualify, but the recourse is to the business only. It’s tied to your fed id #.
That’s what we did when we started our company a few years back and with every deal we closed we had money wired stright into the operating account. Let it sit for two months and then reapplied for a higher limit on our credit line.
We use BofA, WAMU, and Citi and never had a problem. one you go over $250k business line they’re likely to assign a small business client rep, and they get very competitive at that point. in some cases.
good luck

What sort of credit rating do you need to obtain this sort of financing? What Fico?

I would imagine each bank is different, but i would guess at least 700 or near there.
If your credit is poor, i’d worry less about getting corporate lines of credit and more about jumping your own score.