Lenders that allow flipping

Could someone please provide me with a list of lenders that will allow flipping? I want to put houses under contract and retail them to customers using a simultaneous closing. I am especially interested in finding a lender that will allow flips and loan money to credit challenged customers. Thanks.

  1. iam intrested as well on this matter >I have been in contact with a company for the last few days on this matter and will advise all of my findings>>> as we all need to be very very careful on all matters

If you find a conventianal lender that is still willing to do these types of deals, along with a title company willing to do it (without full disclosures). I beg you to post it here so we can all revert back to the good ole’ day’s.

Otherwise you will just have to get a little more creative in how you control the property.

I know someone that does that all the time. WHat is wrong with it?

  1. iam thinking the way more and more to go on theses deals flips i mean IS this owner finance and then sell the note for fast cash in a few weeks to a few months to the seller ?? WHAT are any ones thoughts on this option

The way I see it is there are a few ways right? Either assign the contract. You put the property under contract yourself and have the seller put it in your name and/or assigns. Or you can do simultaneous closings.

  1. yes this is right as we need to work on new and better ways all the time as well as many states and title compines do not want us to make money it would seam