lender's loss limits

I’ve only dealt with foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. I’m curious about one item when dealing short sales. How much is the lender willing to actually lose in a short sale? I’m sure they treat them all differently, but is there a percentage they use as a guideline when negotiating?

I don’t know the inner secrets of any guidelines, but I think there are too many factors to list. The obvious factors are the comps/property value, condition of the property, other liens, the investor’s guidelines, whether PMI/MIP is a factor, etc. The less obvious ones can be how the lender is performing as a whole with regards to the OCC, whether the HO has been easy for the lender to work with or whether the HO has been a total PITA, and other obscure factors. Then, factor in that there are thousands of lenders out there… No set guidelines. Just use common sense.