Lenders and Property Vesting

Hello good day to all, I have read the lenders are starting to offer “property vesting” programs. I believe this entails the lender allowing the Limited Liability Company to be issued a mortgage without the owner of the LLC taking title to the property in his name and then later transferring the property to the LLC. My inquries are the following:
a) which lenders are offering these programs?
b) what are the terms on these type of loans?
i. Does the LLC have to be engaging in business for a set number
of years to be entitled to obtaining these loans or can recently
created LLC’s obtain access to these programs
c) Are there any disadvantages associated with these type of loans?

Thanks for any feedback provided.

Yes there are a handful of lenders that a broker can sign you up with that offer the ability to title in the name of your LLC at closing.

Most only allow the pay option arm.

One will do as fixed or arms if the ltv is under 80% and the client can qualify with full docuentation or full income/stated assets, or stated income/full assets.

The LLC needs to be reviewed by the lender before closing. A new LLC should be ok. There are a handful of things they request to see.

Thanks alot for the response Investment Loans. I have one more inquiry, are you aware of any nationwide lenders that perform this function that I can contact?