Lender applications

I have a private lender that says they can supply funds for my fix and flip but only replies by email…I’ve requested that he send me his number so we can discuss the loan in person but continues to email me… GO or NO? Is this normal when dealing with lenders?

Nope, you should always be able to get them by phone.
They might take a day to call you back but they should have a land line you can verify.
Ideally they should also have an office you can visit too if you want/need to.

I’m betting this lender is a one-man operation, that loans his own money.

In that case, he’s probably got a day job, and he can’t take ‘side business’ calls during business hours.

This would be a little too low budget for me to feel secure dealing with.

So, to answer your question… “No.”

I don’t think so that the person is genuine i think you should try other one else.
Please make sure that before taking loan confirm all the basic requirement.

I’ve dealt with “lenders” like that in the past and had a NIGHTMARE experience…very dangerous to get involved with people who have no personal accountability to contact you - especially when people are relying on you for real estate transactions in which their living situation is held in the balance.

I would definitely agree that this is a NO GO! :bs