legitamizing my investment group?

i started a investment group about 4 months ago with 3 members and for the past 4 months the money has been sitting in my house not collecting any interest…bad, i know…what do i need to do to make our investment group legal and legit and put my money in a account to start making interest?

thanks for all information.

Suggest you have your attorney draw up a partnership agreement.

Formalize the partnership agreement and open a bank account.

You could also form a corporation.

would i benefit more from a partnership agreement or corporation?

If the investors will have a say in how the funds will be invested, then I would a partnership. If not, a corporation would give you greater latitude. I would consult with an attorney who understands the issues involved.

what type of attorney do we have to talk to.

one experienced in drafting partnership agreements and corporate bylaws.