Legal question?

I have sent out postcards to the owners of vacant properties that I have found here in Houston. I’ll follow up with a call later, but while I’am waiting I plan to put out bandit signs. Can I advertise “I take over payments” to attract “subject to” leads? Not to confident in bandit signs but I’am hell bent on being successful so I’ll try anything.

People do it all the time in Dallas - so I don’t see why you can’t do it in Houston. However be aware almost every “nice” municipality has rules against bandit signs … and you might get fined some $$$ … but I have heard that is rare.

When you say “I take over payments”, Do you have funds to bring the back payments current? Do you have funds for insurance? Do you have funds for repairs?, Or you just want to flip it? Can you show the home owner that you have funds to make the payments? Are you going to fill out a credit application for the seller so the home owner know who they are dealing with?