Legal question about tenants car

I have received letters from the property management company regarding my tenants vehicle. The car registration tags expired Dec 2005 and I get letters about this being against the Deed Restrictions. I have spoken to the tenant many times to get new tags but they haven’t. What recourse do I have or what can I do to enforce this so I am not penalized.

I hope I worded this correctly.

Denise (Texas)

What will be the penalty?

If monetary, let the tenant know that the penalty for non-compliance will be passed through you to your tenant.

If civil action such as impounding the car, then the tenant is directly affected. If loss of transportation means the tenant will be unable to get to work and, therefore, unable to earn money to pay your rent, then the secondary impact is that you will eventually be faced with an eviction and loss of rent.

If failure to comply with the deed restrictions is a lease violation, then you may have grounds to start eviction proceedings.