Legal Parcel vs Assessor Parcel?

I found a California vacant land in a tax deed auction that says: APN is part of one legal parcel. What sort of rights does the person that owns the other parcels have on this parcel after it is sold? Is it much harder to legally split this parcel than you would normally split land with a clean title? How does something like this happen where assessor parcels are different from legal parcels?

What, it anythng, did you purhase…the APN or the legal parcel?

Oh, I didn’t purchase anything yet. It’s still up for auction, but after looking into it further, these parcels would be too much of a headache to deal with legally.

It seems to me that you have to be a real estate lawyer to invest in tax liens and tax deeds so you understand most of your risks.

No, not a real estate lawyer, been doing it for about 28 years.

If you believe the late night TV Infomercials you are most likely headed for disaster.

If you indeed wish to join tyhe industry, YES, you should go to your local courthouse and research the law library, the librarian will gladly assist.

Each state is a bit different. Tax Liens and Tax Deeds are TWO ENTIRELY different scenarios.

Find out EVERYTHING you can, have the librarian copy all the pages…go home read them at least three times to get past the legalese.

START SMALL, do NOT jump in with both feet…the water can be very deep.

Your chances of getting that mansion in the infomercial for $298.89 are about as good a hitting the popwerball or maga million lotto.

It is a very interesting, lucrative business…that…like all real estate REQUIRES that you do your due diligence and NOT what the TV infomercial says.

You can buy burned out crack houses…try and get that past the EPA Cleanup, etc.