Legal Alternate to Bandit Signs

Hey, you guys that are risking fines by placing bandit signs that nobody has time to read as they drive past. Try this instead:

Instead of bandit signs, buy magnetic car signs. They are cheap enough if you buy them in bulk. Then pay people $10 a month to drive around with your sign on their car. Your sign will be seen all over town, in traffic and in parking lots.

Interview carefully and get people who are out in public a lot (maybe kids to and from school every day) or who work in a good location to have your sign sit all day in the parking lot.

Look for mini vans where you can put the sign on the back. Then it is stared out by people stopped at stop lights, and it is facing the traffic in the parking lot as they drive by, studying parked cars, looking for an empty spot.

You might even find someone willing to park by the road while they are at work every day.

This is a tough economy and lots of people are willing to do anything for a buck. With the sign, they don’t have to do anything that isn’t in their regular day and an extra $10 a month will feed a family for a couple of days.

Some of you are already paying someone to place your signs out, so this isn’t much more initial investment.

Great Idea… :beer

I like this alot… Thanks for the suggestion