Leasing to illegal aliens

What do you guys think about leasing to illegal aliens?

There are so many here in Texas - obviously the landlords who cater to them can probably do well. I like Mexicans, and think in general they are hard working and have good family values vs most other groups/cultures.

I imagine it’s hard to do a proper criminal, credit, etc check on such an individual though.

What is the law in Texas about renting to illegals? Can you evict them when they don’t pay? Is it legal to rent to illegals? Will the government be raiding rental properties next (when they get done with meat packing plants) and charge the owner with a crime?

Seems like a lot of unneeded risk to me. It would probably be perfectly safe in the People’s Republic of California, but I doubt that it’s a good idea in Texas.


Why not post this question in “Asset protection, Legal”?

You need to know the law in your state. Otherwise, I would not discriminate against anyone who meets the same criteria as your other tenants. I hate the thought of landlords becoming immigration officers, that is not our function.


I could swear it is illegal to rent to those people in this country illegally. I am sorry, but don’t you do a credit check prior to renting? Getting a social security number to report against?

If I recall, I do believe one area here in Illinois was considering either heavy fines or potentially taking over the property if a landlord renting to Illegals.

Remember people don’t turn bad kicking holes in walls and not paying rent, they were bad when they walked into your unit asking to rent it. Since I can’t verify their income because they have no check stubs or tax returns, I can’t verify their credit because they have no social security, etc. If you don’t check them out you have no idea if they are bad or not. Currently there is not a law requiring you to determine if a prospective tenant is legal before you can rent to them. I do a background and credit check. If they are illegal they don’t check out. Do you really want a person in your house that you can’t check on?

I don’t turn them down because they are illegal I turn them down because I can’t verify if they are good on not.