leasing documents

How or where do you all get your leasing forms for your renters? Do you all use the ones on this site?

Ours are compiled from a Realtor/Investor with several years of experience, clauses used from sample leases in some REI books, and clauses posted on REIclub too. If you PM me your email address, I’d be happy to send you a sample of ours. There’s no guarantee it will have any necessary wording required by your state. It works for us. It’s fairly concise, but comprehensive.

I obtained mine from similar places as Justin0419. Wherever you get your documents from, I would defiantly have a professional look over them to make sure they meet any state regulations as well as cover everything that you expect them to cover.

There are lot of websites where you can find the leasing documents, but not all websites have a nice forum this website and american-apartment-owners-association.org have. Join American Apartment Owners Association and get lots of free property management services.