Lease Violation. State of Texas.Need Input

My tenants did not provide me with a 30 day advanced move out notice. They have been telling me for a few months that they are seeking traditional financing to purchase the property, they even joined a credit repair program. The lease was up April 3, 2010 and they contacted me 6 days prior to tell me that they are divorcing and that they are moving out. The wife contacted me a few days later and stated that she would remain in the house and would like to start a new lease agreement. I told her that she would have to fulfill the current lease obligation first and that we would begin a new lease in her name only after April 3rd and that I would prorate the rent until her husband moved out. She contacted me on April 7th again to tell me that she couldn’t afford it and that she was moving out as well and would pay rent and the extended living days on April 9th, they moved on April 11th but still have not paid. What legal actions can be taken?

Take it out of the deposit. Whatever days they owe you from the date of notice. Is it 15 day in Texas? Then they owe you 15 days rent from the 7th of April when you received notice.

Tatertot is right. Since the lease is over they basically held the property over after the lease. I would take the prorated days out of the deposit and then any damage.