Lease/Purchse - Cash Needed?


I’ve been reading the boards and trying to decide which way I want to go in REI. I was thinking for my first couple of deals, I would like to buy properties which were undervalued atleast 10%, (prefer 20%), then selling them for 10% above market and carrying the paper. I have good credit and can get conventional financing. (Being a mortgage broker helps).

The question is this - How much of a cash reserve should I maintain for repairs, vacancies, ect, assuming a 150k property.

Thoughts appreciated…

It would be nice to have about 3% of the purchase price in reserve. That should make 3 mortgage payments or replace major componants like AC.
May be able to get some of that money from your tenant/buyer. My friend bought a deal where he got the seller to pay him a Realtor fee to buy the house and sold it for 0 down. Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks for your reply. I was thinking 10k, I wouldn’t want the wheels to come off this early in the game due to unforseen events.

Does this seem like a logical way to make some money? I really can’t find any major drawbacks, seems like I could make a few bucks…

I have always been cash poor and real estate rich. I have lost the wheels and even the whole car. If you buy right at the bottom of the market you have no where to go but up. I bought Ok the first time but too early. It was nearly 5 years before any signs of recovery in the market. Inflation will cure a OK purchase but only if you can sell it.

If you have $10,000 put aside you will do great. Your idea of buying at 20% discount sounds great too. There are a lot of no equity deals but it takes some looking to find what you are looking for but they are there. Everyone wants a 50 5 equity deal with nothing down and presold for a profit and just handed to them. If you work hard at it you can get what you want.

Thanks again and hope i helped a little

Ted Jr

I don’t understand your profit strategy. How are you looking to make money from this deal?

How do I plan on making money? Well, the property is a brand new house at 15% below market. I’ll buy it, and get a tenant/buyer to purchase it on a lease option for 10% over market. I will have a slightly positive cash flow while he leases, and hopefully he will exercise the option allowing me to take my 25% profit out after 1 year.