Lease Purchasing Course

Has anyone heard of Michael Carbonare? Has anyone tried his course and what do you think of his Lease Purchasing Course?

I’ve heard of him, but never knew what to think. The folks on other newsgroups are always so positive in their reviews that I get the feeling they are shills. And typically those responses are right behind the “what do you think about” type posts. In case you’re curious, I don’t think your post is one of those as the other ones always include his web site name , course name, and url.

If you’re interested, there are many more mainstream authors that have courses on L/O’s:

Bill Bronchick (available here)
Joe Kaiser (not a beginner course)
Claude Diamond
etc., etc.

I have Bronchick’s and Kaiser’s and can recommend them highly. I don’t have Diamond’s, but have heard it’s good.

hope it helps…