Lease Purchase Law - Dallas Texas


I posted this in another forum earlier, however, I see I probably should have posted it here.

Can someone shed some light on what the new lease purchase law is in Dallas, Texas. I am contemplating buying a house there in a new development and have been told that theproperty management will be able to lease purchase it for me to a tenant buyer.

Please advise.



Thats probably not correct if there is a lein on the property.
I’ve talked with 2 agents and 1 broker today - all thought lease options were fine in TX. Not the case anymore.
See other posts in this forum.

Can someone please answer- What to use in TX? Where to find tx documents?

No Contract for deed allowed
No Lease option allowed

You can do a “wrap”, where do I learn more about what this is? Where are the documents for this?

Confused in TX