lease options

Can 14 or 15 year olds do lease options and if can you please tell me how. THank you for reading this.

Whoa younger than me…

Are you 14-15 or are you asking for somone else.
I think birdogging is pretty nice i use to do it where i use to live but i didnt really enjoy it as much I wanted to upgrade to lease options.

invest young. I just want to know if if i, who is14 years of age, can do lease options and if how. Also id like to know if i can wholesale lease options to investors and how?

Seeing that a person under 18 can’t sign a legal document I guess the answer would be no (without a parent or guardian signing the docs). In my opinion anyone that signs a lease to a 14 yr old is a fool…just my humble opinion.

With a partner, yes. You’re never too young to start being an entrepreneur.