Lease Options

Where would be a good “free” place to learn more about lease options?


Type it in and start going down the results. Look for articles, forums and resources on the subject.


Set aside some time and go to your local bookstore. Pick up a book, go sit down, and read it. The library is a good source too. I have read a lot this way. Bring a notepad and pen with you for taking notes if you want OR a mini-recorder and read important information into it. Many ways to get info from books without buying them. Lots of books are not worth the cost because they have maybe 1 chapter worth anything in them.

Additionally, if money is a real issue, buy a book, take it home and read it quickly then return it back to the bookstore. While you have it at home, take down notes. You could also take a picture of any pages you want with a digital camera and print them out. Might be a tad extreme, but if pennies are tough to come by for books, that is an idea.

I am a book and education junkie. Back in my days when I only had $10 per week for food and nothing else, I came up with all sorts of ways to get what I wanted :smiley: