Lease options, seller financing-- best course?

Beginner investor hitting the ground running! What’s the most comprehensive course for the money? Considering Wendy Patton or Bill Bronchick. I don’t need lead generation, website or marketing, dont need motivation or goal planning. I just need to know what to do with the leads I have that are beating down my door-- how to structure the deals, do the paperwork, how you actually make money. I’m a Realtor and have already completed Fortune Builders Jumpstart program on wholesaling and rehabbing. Which I HIGHLY recommend. But I have all these other clients - sellers and buyers- who need seller financing. I also want to know how to use that to finance flips. Any advice or guru reviews? I’ve searched online but can’t rally find anything good or bad on either of these gurus or these programs: Bill’s Ultimate Guide to Seller Financing, or Wendy’s Buying or Selling on Lease Options? Or another program?
Thanks so much for any advice you can give!

Why limit yourself to one? Get Both! Double the education means you are going to master the things in common on both courses, and learn how to tweak the formulas from learning two different ways.

For all things about lease options I have always recommended Carbonare’s, The Naked Investor. It’s a no frills, no BS, to the point manual on the various types of lease options you can use.

Why don;t you get someone who know’s how to do this stuff in your area… give them the lead, they’ll work it out for you… You learn & make money getting paid to learn, what a concept! … why keep buying programs on the top of programs? the best way to learn is by doing!