Lease Options - exclusive agreement with your tenant buyer?

Hey guys…I have a question for the lease option experts on the forum. When you’re working with a t/b and providing the potential properties that are listed with an agent, how are you protecting yourself so that you’re not circumvented in the transaction? Do you have any type of agreement that protects your interest in the deal?

Not unless you are a licensed agent. In 9 years I only had one t/b go around me, and guess what? A year later the seller called saying the buyer is moving and the seller needs our help.
The seller didn’t know what happened, but I bet this time the seller won’t do anything that isn’t thru our company.
Most prospective t/bs aren’t going to go around you.
They can’t qualify, and they don’t know how to draft the proper contracts for a lease option.
Same for the sellers.
They may find another house, but they will almost never go around you for a house you have.

If you are planning to deal with a t/b then you have to do some agreement with them. You should know whole of the deal what you put in with him and dont keep any tension in your mind regarding the property.