Lease options and double closings?

This is no doubt a newbie question, but is it possible to lease-option a property, market the property for sale, find a buyer, and set up a double closing to a)exercise your option and b)then turn around and sell it? If this isnt possible, can you sell your option for a margin?

Thanks in advance for helping a green investor.


I think what you’re wanting to do is a pure option instead of a lease option.To your 2 question, if you’re talking about a l/o, yes you can assign your place in the deal for a profit. Just make sure as I’m still a little green.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping I could find a way to lease/option less than stellar properties, fix them up during the lease period, and then market them for sale through an agent. My niche is in the rehabiliation, but I want to do more volume than my lending power can handle.