lease options and dodd frank

I have heard that I cant give a monthly credit for on time payment
and then I have been told I can give one but it has to be a reasonable one

What is a reasonable monthly credit is there a percent?
on a 850 month house do you think a 100 credit is ok.

Some people have told me with the monthly credit I am offering financing
and others tell me that I am not offering a secured financing.

this is another thing about dodd frank it is so grey

Dodd Frank will be a grey area until the first court cases are fought.

My plan is to make rent credits only for amounts above the normal market rent for the area. In addition, the rent credit will not be more than 10% to 15% of the normal market rent.

For example, if the market rent is $1,000 then I will allow an additional $100 to $150, on top of the $1,000, to go towards rent credits.

We will all learn together the nuances of Dodd Frank when the first few investors get hauled into court. My goal is to not be one of those investors!

I just heard about Dodd Frank yesterday. How is it that Dodd Frank effects fees in something that is call proof of funds? Can anyone answer?

If you give any equity away the lease option deal can be considered a sale. I do not use rent credits any more for that reason.

Can you link to the specific citation in the law that states this?