Lease optioning short sales

Is anyone using Lease options to exit on a ss deal??? I’ve had a couple title companies tell me that they would do a double close but if the end buyer uses a mortgage the deal could fall through because of title seasoning issues. They are saying that I have to wait 6 months to ‘flip’ or resell property. If anyone is using, or has used this method in the past please give me some details.


If I am understanding your questions, - sounds like you are trying to use conventional financing, that will not work thus your answers from Title. Really don’t suggest this with short sales. Hard money is best. YOu can refi out of the hard money as soon as you close. As for using Lease Options to exit on a short say yes- we do this and have everything lined up prior to closing the first escrow. Your Lease Option buyer would not need financing - this would be with the investor or end buyer.