Lease optioning multiple units

Hello again, I have an inquiry in regards to lease optioning and multiple units. Is very complicated or near impossible to lease option a house that has 2 or 3 units?

  1. Can you eliminate problems by the way you structure the duration of the lease option?
    a) you give one tenant potential buyer a 1 year lease/w option to purchase (occupies unit 1)
    b)you give the other tenant a shorter lease (8 months) (occupies unit 2)
    c) Is this an unrealistic scenario

thanks to all for any solutions, suggestions or clarification

Multi family can be done the same (and as easily) as single family units. You just need to find a motivated seller.

Hi tom, I need some clarification on your post. Do you mean I need a motivated seller or buyer? Would I not need a motivated buyer since I am the person offering the lease with option to purchase?? (which make me the seller)
thanks for the response
Note: I am not trying to question your understanding, I am just trying to clarify my understanding

Good day to all

My mistake. I misread your first post.

The way I do lease options is to make everyone pay their rent on time for 12 consecutive months; they are then eligible to buy the home—and we will help them find a mortgage company.

Sorry about the misread.

thanks tom for the clarification, I realize that I may be repeating the same inquiry but how would you structure the lease with option to purchase with a house that contains two or three units
a) eg. If house has two units, the tenant/potential buyer that occupies unit 1 would get a 1 year lease option
b) the tenant that occupies unit 2 would get a shorter lease (6-8 months.
Can you give both of these parties the same lease duration (12 months) and guess if the tenant/potential buyer is okay with the idea of retaining or inheriting tenants, everything can be A okay?
My apologies if I am repeating myself but I realize the enormous potential in lease-optioning and when I execute it I want to do it correctly
thanks for your repsonse…

You may structure them anyway that you want to, but what is the 8 Month Option Guy tells the 12 Month Option Girl that he is getting 8 months to buy the house?

There may be an upset 12 Month Option Girl.

I love to give 12 months, because only about 30% of the people actually buy the homes after 12 months; they forfeit their deposit if they don’t buy, so I just get a new deposit from the next Buyer/Tenant.

Just be careful about having different lease option periods amogst tenants who may talk to each other.

thanks tom, I never consider that possibility, so I believe what you are saying is that both if tenant/buyer for unit 1 and tenant for unit 2 should start they leases in the same month to alleviate any confusion… thanks again for the response, good fortune in investing!!!