Lease Option

If I own a house free and clear and want to do lease option what is the best way to go about it

There’s too many working parts to explain adequately on a forum like this.

Depending on your experience as a Landlord, you’re probably better off having someone do this for you for a fee of around $2,500. For example there are probably a dozen lease/option marketers on Craigslist that would be happy to accommodate you.

Meantime, there are many investors near you that specialize in this that would love to make a buck walking your through one of these.

Otherwise, you can simply buy an excellent lease/option course from either Ron Le Grand or Todd Toback ( I own both, plus many others ) which includes how to market and screen buyers who are more likely to actually follow through with a purchase; give you a huge option consideration; and explain why you should use a combined lease/option agreement when selling.

Meantime, why is a lease option a better exit strategy for you then a simple sale?


I can probable help you with that lease option for free!!! Send me a PM and let me know if you still need help with your deal and give me some contact info?