Lease option w/ Terms Help

I’m looking for some help on how I could structure this. I’m looking at a property that is out of the country, but lease options are legal in this area, so with that in mind…

Most sellers in this area are motivated to sell due to a perception that it is a dangerous country at the moment (Mexico). I’d like to keep the topic of this thread focused on the actual deal, not the country. I am confident that I can find buyers.

Most sellers are very motivated and accepting owner financing and offering generous terms on their properties. My thought is that I could come in with a lease option agreement.

Example: I sign a one year lease at $600/month with an option to buy for $75,000 with terms at any point of lease. So it would sound something like this, option to buy at $75,000 with 10k down and the balance at 6% over 10 years.

Then of course I would like to sell my option to a third buyer. Has anybody ever structured a deal like this? I would imagine it would be 2 contracts, separating the lease and the option? Basically I’m just not sure if terms can be involved in the option part of it, since traditionaly all cash, or a loan would pay it off for a lease option. Thanks for your help

You’re describing what is commonly referred to as a sandwich lease. The big problem I see is that you are considering payment of a substantial amount of option consideration. Why? If the homeowner is motivated to the extent you think, much less will likely get the deal done.