lease-option to purchase

Hi everyone, listen here’s the deal yesterday I looked at a house where the seller is motivated, it a 3 br 1 ba with driveway,the asking price is 19k,however the owner is doing a rent to with rent at 630 a month first and last maonths rent. i’m trying to make this a win-win deal for both, so i was going to offer the seller 21k with one 1000 option payment, and i’ll take care of the day to ady maintenance,for a period of five years, and within or before the five period that I would cash him out, now I’m line up a tenant-buyer, now i’m selling to my tenant-buyer at 30k on a 3 year lease-option to purchase,with $2500 as option payment and 700 monthly rent, my tenant-buyer will take care of the day to day maintenance!
and can cash me out any time during that 3 year period!
what i would like know how other investors would handle that.
:-\ thank you all

Demone, I know it’s been awhile since you posted this. I don’t have any direct advice, but I listened to the teleseminar tonight from Wendy Patton. Not sure if her info is on the site, assume it is. Anyway, very informative and helpful. She has a ‘program’ which you might check out. Her company is Majestic Realty I think out of Detroit.

Hope it helps or the deal is done already.