Lease option/Rent To Own postcards

I am a newbie and i have gotten my first lease option deal in 3 weeks after i started. Felt very happy and lucky. I did put in the work i follow through a book,plus lots of help from you guys. Can anyone please give me a postcard that they know will get some response base on lease option. I just got access to the MLS for an agent and i am getting ready to do a mail campaign on expired listings and ones that are at least 6 months old. Can anyone give me an idea or tell me where i can get a postcard base on lease option mail campaigns. Thank you

Congratulation on your first deal!!!

On the card, put what you’re able to do as a headline.

~~We buy, lease, take over payments, option…houses…etc.

Then list some benefits…
~~ fast closing (how fast or sure?)
~~ management relief, debt relief, etc.
~~ written offer (how fast?)

Let them know you’re a private party… and that there are no obligations after talking with you.

And finally add a call to action (actually calling your number)

Just for giggles, at the beginning you should answer the phone personally and NOT let the callers go to voice mail. You’ve got hot prospects on the line from this postcard, depending on how tightly you have filtered your list.

Ideally, you should be selective on whom receives a card from you. You’ve eliminated the 10,000 sqft mansions, the acreage, 60-year old bungalows in the ghetto, or all properties over 10 years old, etc. This way those that call will already be pre-filtered for size, location, equity, expired listings, etc. etc. Then its just a matter of disqualifying by motivation level, not property type, size, etc.

You might not appreciate the ease, elegance and grace you can do this business when you work a specific niche of properties and owner types. For example, trying to find buyer for a 60-year old bungalow with historic significance, is not the same as finding a buyer for a 10,000 mansion with six bathrooms and an 9-car garage. You’ll exhaust yourself trying to make that arrangement fly.

Instead, focus on the most popular homes that most can afford and refinance. Leave the mansions and bungalows to the amateurs who haven’t figured out their niche yet.

Hope that helps.

great stuff as usual javipa :cool

wow,thank you so much. I am excited for this campaign. Will take all the examples you laid out for me. I noticed on my first deal,i didn’t really need to build my buyers list first,i needed the property first,than all the buyers came. From there,in that area alone i still have 53 buyers on the list,and i will send out lots of postcards in that area to find another seller that will agree to an option purchase.

The same thing happened to me, i noticed once you have the house the buyers will come. In my first deal which i contacted a for sale by owner on craigslist,the week i put up the sign i received so many calls i didn’t even need buyers,i ended up having 41 buyers for the area. I am trying to pick up another property there right now also. That’s why i want to run a campaign for sellers,because i see once you have the home,buyers will call.Now i just send them to a website,i lose some that way(not much),the serious ones go and fill out a form on my site, it helps me build a list.