Lease Option - Property Owner wants to steal my tenant-buyer & cancel my contrac

Hi, anyone have any advice on how I can prevent the owner - of one of my properties under lease option from - “stealing” my tenant & cancellig my contract (but preferaby wihtout involving lawyers?) This dude infoms me las night that he has been “dealing directly with my tenant” and that since my lease option agreement expires soon, he can do as he pleases?


You either perform by the end of the option period or say goodby!

There is nothing to stop the property owner from talking to your tenant unless you put it in writing in your lease option?

Unless you had a NDNC signed by your property owner your out of luck, you have no leg to stand on unless you perform and close the purchase you agreed on under your lease option.

It’s just impossible to stop a property owner from talking with someone sub-leasing there property.

Perform, Perform, Perform and close the purchase!

Sorry to tell you that.


It sounds like you lost control when you allowed the homeowner and the tenant to talk directly. How did that happen?