lease option paperwork

I am going to be having my first lease purchase option, I’m tryimg to negotiate a short sale on seller behalf. I think that I have a buyer for such property, but I have never done a option or assigment. Can somebody help me out?. I don’t want to buy a home and then be stuck for at least 3 month with it because the chain of title. H E L P? I’m new at this. Thanks

Frank, I’m not clear what you’re looking for. What is it you need?

I’m guessing he is looking to purchase a property via short sale and then lease option it to a prospect tennant/buyer. ??

Do you have your Tenant or prospective tenantslined up?

Sorry for my late response, I do have a end buyer. I need to know how to fill and what paperwork to use. I really appreciate your replies and your concern, maybe I’m missing some angle. Thanks again.