Lease option paperwork help


We are getting started in lease/options and have done a couple so far but our paperwork and process is haphazard at best. I go in to talk to a seller about the process and end up getting all tongue-tied. I was thinking about putting together a presentation package to include the forms we use, an explanation of the process, etc to leave with the seller so for a day or two so I can focus on building the relationship and not have to think about what comes next so much and worry about forgetting something.

Does anyone have this situation and if so how have you solved it. I am admittedly the world’s worst multi-tasker and could really use help in this area.



Rick, leaving paperwork in the seller’s hands is counterproductive. All that does is give them an excuse to stall and not make a decision. You walk away without the deal closed. As I said, counterproductive.
Keep it simple. There isn’t much high tech understanding involved with options. Address the homoeowner’s concerns, emphasize the advantages of your offer. If they’re legit they will at least give your offer some consideration. Move on, do it again. The deals will fall.

AJ couldn’t be more right. I tried the whole professional presentation thing. It looked GREAT! Explained everything in detail and made it all seem so simple. So simple that the seller’s just went ahead and did it themselves! :banghead

So forget all that and focus on the only things that matter:

  1. What’s the least they will accept?
  2. How much do they NEED per month?
  3. Where did I put my pen?