lease option in texas

(1) I have payed for home in texas and need advice on selling asap. I’m open to lease option if legal in texas or open for suggestions. Asking all you guru’s out there what would you do for optimum profits and quickest turn around. I’m also open to sell at discounted price too. Thanks for the help!

Of course lease options are legal in TX. Visit Carbonare’s site over at The Naked Investor for info.

Hey there! I guess I’m kind of the guru of LO’s in TX.
Since the house is paid for, the typical info I ask such as mtg. info etc is out the window.
Which is good for you. It opens up the door to options.
What city is the house in?
Is it occupied?

I live in this house now but can move out quick if needed. The house located in country 50 miles east of dallas.

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