Lease Option in North Carolina

Hello to all!

Does North Carolina require you to hold or possess a property for a certain amount of time before you can sell it?

I’m looking to option a home and didn’t know if there would be seasoning problems when it came time to cash the seller out.

I know some lenders require 3 to 6 months. Some don’t require it period. And I believe FHA requires at least 1 year.

Does anyone know of a good RE attorney in or around the Greensboro area?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You shouldn’t have any seasoning problems if your optioning a house. The title should go from the seller directly to your new buyer. You should never take title in the first place unless it’s a lease option deal. If it’s a lease option deal you just have to explain to the new buyer that the bank requires some time and they won’t be able to close until the time goes by but they can move in now with a down payment and monthly payments until they cash you out.

Thank you for your input!