lease/option for high end

Thank you for any help you can give. I am going to lease option a high end property. I will by looking for a tenant/buyer with a rent of 4000.00 and an option of $999,999.00. My question is: Is there any way to find these types of rent to own people. Any special places to advertise etc. Any help is appreciated

The property is one million dollars and the rent is only $4K? Something isn’t adding up.

thank you for that note. Is there a rule of thumb for rent based on option price? What should a million dollar house rent for? The owner of the property has a 900K mortgage with a payment of about 3700.00. ( I assume interest only) She is no longer able to manage this mortgage and cannot sell the property.
Is this a good candidate for a lease option?

If you are talking about a sandwich lease option, then no, this property is not a good candidate for a lease option. Are you prepared to be on the hook for $4K/mo when you have a vacancy? You need to be looking at more mainstream, cookie cutter, median priced properties.