Lease option contracts

hello everyone,
I am looking for lease option contracts…I live in Florida and have a seller willing to lease purchase their property.
I have a worksheet that the seller has filled out and signed on the property .
I am looking for a good lease purchase contract I can use to assign my option to a tenant buyer.

If anyone lives in the Tampa Bay area I am also looking for a good Mortgage broker that understands the LO process…

Thanks :bobble

Make sure you tell the seller that you will be leasing it to a 3rd party and put it in the lease purchase contract. You might tell the seller I will bring you a lease purchase buyer just give me $500.

Yes, thank you I will.

Debbie, you can get the agreements you need from Michael Carbonare, at The Naked Investor. He’s also in FL and the contracts should be just what you need.

Ditto what AJ said.
On a side note, make sure your Option clearly states the Option consideration the buyer is paying, as well as the rent credits.
My contracts don’t even mention rent credits, as lenders have issues with that now…
Mine only refer to a seller concession…