Lease option contract???

Does anyone know where i can get a lease option contract???

or do i have to use two different contracts to make the lease option deal work???

Thank you in advance


You can use one contract that does both, you can use separate ones, you can also add a P&S, depending on if you’re selling or buying, and a few other details. It really depends on your strategies and what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you don’t know the details and/or where to get a contract, you might want to buy one of the excellent L/O programs offered for sale on this site.


I was listening to a webinar the other day which was being presented in my hometown of Austin, Tx. It was mentioned that Lenders and title companies are no longer accepting option contracts, that they are refusing to even consider or work with them. If anyone has any insight on this or another way around this, please let me know. I am meeting with a prospective homeowner on 7/12/09 and need to know ASAP so I don’t blow this deal.

Thank you in advance

Thats why, your in Texas. You shouldn’t do a lease option unless the property is owned free and clear. There is a way however but I can’t remember the guys website. herbster